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  Chipmonk Computing do not actually host any web sites ourselves. Instead all our websites are hosted by Fasthosts, a British company founded in 1999 who currently host over 150,000 websites.  
  We use this company as we believe they offer the best value for money available and their servers are stable and secure.  
  They use multiple internet providers and have backups in place to ensure maximum stability.  
  Through Fasthosts we can offer the following:  
  * Up to 500MB of web space. Plenty of space for pictures and photos.  
  * Unlimited website traffic. With unlimited bandwidth, there are no unexpected costs, however popular your website becomes.  
  * Personalised Email. Email addresses can have any ‘@mysite.co.uk’ address that you choose.  
  * 5 mailboxes. This enables you to have up to 5 different personal email addresses.  
  * Catch all email address. An extra email address will be provided which will receive any other emails sent to ‘@mysite.co.uk.’  
  How much?  
  We charge a very competitive annual fee for web hosting through Fasthosts. Once paid, no further costs are involved in keeping your site online 24 hours a day. *  
  We offer free telephone and email support as required on all aspects of our service and we can also attend your site to investigate any problems at your request.**  

Interested in Finding out more?  Click here to go to our contact page and we will be in touch.

  * Subject to our terms and conditions.  
  ** Charges apply if we need to attend your site to resolve a problem that is not due to a design or hosting fault.