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So who are we?


Chipmonk Computing was originally set up in Wombourne in the West Midlands in early 2008 to provide consultancy services for companies using ICL/Fujitsu mainframes.

However, we have now moved on from this to designing and hosting websites and we specialise in providing affordable sites for shops and small businesses that want a presence on the internet, but do not want to spend a lot of money and do not have the expertise to do it  themselves.


The company is run by Andy Pitt. A man who has worked in the IT business since 1983, working for such companies as Transco, The Nationwide, Capgemini and HP in a number of roles and has vast experience in all aspects of IT work.

Andy is a family man who grew up in the small village of Bobbington, and is the youngest of 5 children. Despite moving to Wombourne over 20 years ago, he still maintains close ties with Bobbington acting as webmaster for their website and still has family living in the village.

After setting up a number of websites as favours for local organisations, he decided to move the company into web design with a view of giving small businesses an affordable alternative way to establish a web presence.


"The key to our business is that we firmly believe that you should only have to pay for what you want. We don't provide fancy gimmicks, we provide accurate detailed information for the customer on what your business is all about.

We have no intention in trying to compete with the big boys, we intend to concentrate on providing affordable websites for smaller businesses at as low a cost as possible. However, I believe the service we provide is amongst the best available."


The company has now enhanced the original websites created and formally hosts them, providing expert support and advice as required.

We believe that within 10 years, over 90% of all successful businesses large or small, will have an internet presence and those that don't will be left behind. We hope we can help you move into that 90% and be of service to you and your business.

So, please get in touch, and we will see what we can do for you!

Contact Information

 Mail: Chipmonk Computing  Telephone: 07776 436107
  5 Lindale Drive
    Wombourne  Email: General Enquiries: {info@chipmonkcomputing.co.uk}
    Wolverhampton Technical Support: {support@chipmonkcomputing.co.uk}
    West Midlands     The Personal Touch: {andy@chipmonkcomputing.co.uk}
    WV5 8DZ